Libre developer

Thomas Debesse

Free open source developper

I'm a free open source software developer and libre open artist, I'm very active on GitLab, GitHub and other forges, and a committed actor of the community

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See also my GitLab profile, GitHub profile, and other profiles on, GNOME, Debian, etc.

I'm also a writer at

Free open source entrepreneur at

I provide services and consulting at, my own enterprise.

Unvanquished project head

I'm a project head of the Unvanquished game and DĂŠmon game engine, maintainer of the NetRadiant and Q3map2 3D game level authoring suite, maintainer of the XQF game server browser, and author of Urcheon, a game artistic asset builder and packaging tool.


Creator of the I ♄ Compute! initiative

I'm the creator of the I ♄ Compute! initiative to promote and make easy usage of OpenCL on Linux and beyond.

Active libre software contributor

As an open source developer and artist I'm heavily invested into those free and open source projects:

I significantly contribute to:

I also contribute occasionally to various projects like:

Libre writer and artist

I'm also a writer at (IT web newspaper in French language) and for the Unvanquished and the NetRadiant blogs, and a game server hoster at Le Frag Courtois.

What I produce is distributed by a free licence whenever this is possible (code, writings, photos
), with a preference for non-copyleft licenses: MIT, ISC, BSD, CC By, etc.

RĂ©troliens : IdentitĂ©.